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PT. Surya Pratista Hutama

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We have been in the business of noodles and snacks manufacturing for more than thirty years. Our Burung Dara brand is recognised as a major player in the dry noodles market and is synonymous with excellence in quality. In addition to our own labels, we also produce co-pack instant noodles for domestic and international markets as well as snacks which are well received and constantly in demand.

We believe in developing high quality human resources by providing comprehensive trainings to our employees and instilling positive internal culture within the company. Through streamlined management approach, organisational integrity and employees trainings, we aim to exercise continuous learning process as well as improvement.

Researches are conducted for further development and quality control of product lines and packaging. Only chosen ingredients that have been processed under strict supervisions are used in the making of our products. To ensure this, raw materials must undergo rigorous quality control procedures and meet our standards. Modern machines supported by skilled workers who are well trained for ISO and HACCP assured the quality of Suprama products which are also HALAL certified by Islamic Religious Council of Indonesia (MUI).

Tanggal Dibuat: 29-03-2012
Lokasi: Sidoarjo - Jawa Timur

Lokasi anda: Beranda Pekerjaan