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PT. Karunia Barca Indonesia

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PT. Karunia Berca Indonesia is one of the leading companies in Indonesia specialising in the design, contracting, manufacturing and hot dip galvanising of steel structure and is located strategically in Cilegon within the Krakatau Industrial Estate, West Java, with an area of 37,500 square meters of land.
PT. Karunia Berca Indonesia acquired all the assets and took over the existing staff, personnel and management of PT. Kratama Belindo International in May 1994 who also had been involved in the business of design, contracting and manufacturing of steel structures including galvanizing since 1985. In August 1987, KBI stated fabrication of its first Steel Truss Bridge project for the supply to the Department of Public Works (Bina Marga) totaling 15,600 ton.
Meanwhile, KBI has expanded rapidly and is currently able to manufacture 28,000 tons annually for the steel structure product : Transmission Line Tower, Telecommunications Tower, Bridges & Heavy Industry.
In July 1997 KBI was awarded a major Contract to supply 500 KV Transmission Towers (965 towers) for Paiton-Kediri-Klaten to Balfour Beatty Group totaling over 38,000 ton completed in October 1998.
In November 1998 was awarded to supply 275 KV Transmission Towers (700towers) to KEC International for the Sumatera Project to be 14,000 ton.
In June 1999 KBI awarded a major contract by Bina Marga to supply about 12,000 ton of steel truss bridges for twelve province in Indonesia.
May 2001 KBI is again successfully secured a contract to supply 500 KV Transmission Towers (400 towers) for Tasik - Depok Incomer III lot 3 to Balfour Beatty Group totalling over 18.000 ton.
2002-2007 KBI have produced more than 2.000 units of Telecommunication Tower for the selular operators like INDOSAT, TELKOMSEL, EXCELCOM, SAMPOERNA, SMART, NTS, BAKRIE and others.
The galvanizing plant were established in 1985, equipped for an out put of 36,000 tons of galvanized steel structure per annum.
In March 1996 KBI was awarded ISO 9001 certificated for successfully complying to the requirement of the  Quality Management system standard.
PT. Karunia Berca Indonesia is one of the largest galvanizing plant and Steel fabrication companies in Indonesia with History of more than thirteen years of successful involvement in various types of projects.

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a. Pendidikan SMK
b. Pengalaman 3 tahun sebagai Surveyor Highrise building.

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